Who we are

DNA Anodising, Machining and Manufacturing is a Australian owned and operated business that was established May 2016 in Capalaba, QLD. It was established around the principles of Quality, Value, Service and Education.

Using these principals, the team are dedicated to developing positive relationships with customers, and suppliers, through a continuous improvement strategy to achieve the highest quality products for your customers. 


Services and assistance include, but are not limited to:

  • ​Selection of manufacturing material and technical information.

  • Identifying quality issues within finishes.

  • Identifying and investigation into the causes of quality defects.

  • Identifying processes to increase quality and minimize defects.

  • Anodising information.

  • Manufacturing information.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for anodising

With a broad range of services, skill and wide range of knowledge and experience of many industries, our multidisciplinary team can achieve results.

Our Facility

Located in Capalaba just south of the Brisbane Gateway Bridge, our facility is tucked away in a quiet cul de sac.


Struggling to find consistent anodising results, we started anodising in 2016. We purchased an anodising system from an existing business and started a new venture DNA Anodising .

Over this time, we have grow and developed the 1200 mm long system to a 3.5m capability currently with 145 square meters of plant.

Further services are now available include  ISO 9001:2015 Certificates of Conformance,  Chromating and Passivation. For our current developments and future services, please visit the Research and Development page.


The Team

Management Team


Business Owner, Engineering Manager

Andrew is our engineer and manufacturing manager.


Andrew has worked within the engineering and manufacturing industry for nearly 3 decades.


Andrew specializes in engineering and design, CNC Machining, and fabrication.


Business Support Manager and Anodiser

Kiri is our jack-of-all-trades support manager and anodiser. Able to jump in any sector and provide guidance and support to the team.


She has a background in real estate, administration and retail.


Outside of work, Kiri is an avid horticulturalist and animal lover.


Business Owner, Business and Production Manager

Daniel is the business and production manager and senior anodiser.


He has a background in WHS, business management, fire, rescue and law enforcement industries. 

In his spare time, Daniel volunteers with the rural fire service and coast guard.


Accounts & Administrative Manager

Rachel is DNAs accounts and admin manager, joining the team in 2020.


Rachel handles our major accounts and all things administration. She joins us with a background in finance administration and business management.


Outside of work, Rachel enjoys creative media and beach walks with her dog.


OIC, Trainee Manager 

Luke joined our team in June 2020. He continues to develop his skills in customer service, team leadership and production management. 

Plant Operations


Plant Jigging

Will joined the team in early 2021. A previous fork lift operator, he has joined the plant and stores team.


Preparation and Anodiser

Dylan joined the team in July 2020 within the preparation and anodising areas. He is currently developing his skill within the pre surface coating preparation, Anodising and machining support.


Plant jigging/Anodiser

Kevin joined the team in July 2020 within the anodising area and is currently developing his skill within the plant operations


Plant jigging/Anodiser

John joined the team in early 2021 within the anodising area and is currently developing his skill within the plant operations​


Plant jigging/Anodiser

The position is currently being recruited

Stores and Customer Service


Stores Assistant

Tia joined our team in 2021​

Outside of work, Tia is completing Tafe and in her spare time is a budding artist.


Stores Assistant

Casey joined our team in 2021​

Machining and Manufacturing



Sean joined the team in early 2021 and is currently splitting his time between the machining and anodising plants. 

Vacant - Trainee

The position is currently being recruited

Vacant - Apprentice

The position is currently being recruited

Vacant - Apprentice

The position is currently being recruited