Unfortunately, All preparation services are current on hold due to high demand and extended lead time. No further preparation other than bike fork tubes and beading will be accepted at this stage. In the mean time, we can provide support with information to achieve a higher finish.

Aluminium Polishing

Anodising replicates the surface finish that is present prior to being anodised. It is for this reason that you need to have the surface of the aluminium in the condition that you want the final product to be.

Different aluminium grade behave differently to polishing and some even when polished still remain matte. Please refer to the "Aluminium Grades" page for further information. 

At DNA Anodising, we are dedicated to assisting customers with a holistic approach to achieve the highest quality finish for their components and customers. This is through research and product development for supportive services to anodising. 

Polishing and buffing

We can offer polishing and buffing services to a mirror finish for most components. The shine is effected by anodising and depends on factors such as the thickness of the layer, type of material and quality of polish conducted.

Please feel free to contact one of our managers for further information.

Chemical Polishing

At this stage, chemical polishing is not available. We do however, have plans for it in the future. 

Please feel free to contact one of our managers for further information.

Bead Blasting

We can offer bead blasting with two media. Glass silica and stainless shot.

We are restricted to small and medium items and can only guarantee the finish quality if the work is completed by our staff.

Refacing of motorbike fork tubes

We can offer a full reface of billet motorbike fork outer tubes.

As a standard, we polish all tubes that are anodised at no additional charge.