Frequent Asked Questions

Does anodising affect the thread on an item?

Anodising is only .01 to .02 or 10 to 20 microns thick with most threads being more than .04 or 40 micron of clearance. In 99.9% of cases anodising will not affect the threads. The only time anodising will affect the fitting of an item, is if the clearance has been machined specifically with a clearance level of .001 - .002 or less. When an item requires tight tolerances and anodising, it can be taken into account during the manufacturing process to ensure a perfect fit when anodised.


Please feel free to contact our staff for further information.

Lead Times

Lead times may vary depending on the colour, number of items to anodise, size and weight of items and current workload. As a standard, plan for a 7 to 10 day lead time, but please contact our staff with details of your products to confirm lead time. 

For car trims, bookings are essential.

Can we anodise stainless steel or titanium?

Not at this stage. We are currently developing services that allow stainless and titanium colouring and will release these in the near future.

Can we anodise inter-coolers?

We will only anodise inter-coolers and radiators that have been manufactured specifically for anodising. 

Please speak to Daniel for further information.