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Sponsorship and Community Support

DNA Anodising is a high supporter of community events and organisations.

Each year we award a number of sponsorship's and provide ongoing support to community organisations and teams. We currently have the following sponsorships awarded:

Awarded Sponsorships for 2021

1. UQ Racing - Engineering Development Team

2. Ashes Spoked Wheelz - MX and Enduro Racing


Community Supported Organisations for 2021

1. My Horizon

Through collaboration with My Horizon, we provide employment opportunity for disability services.


2. Volunteer Rural Fire Service - QFES


A number of our team are volunteers with the QLD Rural Fire Service. We support the service through paid leave during emergency events that require emergency response personnel. 


3. Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 

Team members are volunteers with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard - QF7 Redland Bay. We support the service during emergency calls and events that require emergency response personnel 24/7. 

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