Research and Developments

DNA Anodising was established in May 2016 and introduced the ISO 9001:2015 is June 2018. As part of our continuous improve model, we have a research and development plan to improve and increase our capabilities to address industry issues and meet customer demands. 

3.5 meter anodising system

Status: Ongoing

Expected completion: Extended to October 2019

We are currently installing a second system capable of 3.5m Long x 1230 mm deep x 500 mm wide. 

Larger items will only have a limited colour range until additional dye tanks are installed.

Completion has been delayed due to equipment and service delivery back orders.

2.5 meter hard anodising system

Status: Ongoing

Expected completion: 2020

Once the 3.5 m system has been complete, the current 2200 mm hard anodising system will be upgraded to 2.5 m.

Further information will  be available closer to completion.

Electrolytic dyes

Status: Ongoing

Expected completion: Mid 2020

Currently we have 14 different pigment dyes. Unfortunately, pigment dyes tend to fade in full sun over time, and have a variance that is hard to control from batch to batch.


The introduction of the electrolytic dye would allow full colour fastness in full sun, items up to 3.5m to be colour matched to extrusions from larger anodising plants, and allow a new colour range for interior design. The colour range would vary from a pale gold through to a black. Below are some of the examples that this range would deliver.


Further develop to Titanium colouring

Status: Ongoing

Expected completion: TBA

We can currently colour titanium within a medium colour range. We are developing the capabilities to widen this range and increase the quality under our ISO Quality management system.

Other current R&D

Status: Ongoing

Expected completion: TBA

There are other services and quality developments being looked at, and will be released as our company progresses. Please contact our staff to discuss your companies surface coating needs.

Passivation for Stainless Steel

Status: Now available

Expected completion: Complete

We currently provide certified passivation for stainless steel within the aerospace and defence industries to comply with BAC 5625, QQ-P-35 and other associated standards. Please feel free to visit our passivation page.